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IP-Terra - Site Status Monitoring System

IP-Terra, a hardware and software system, is designed to monitor the status of a site. A site to be monitored can relate both to civil premises (e.g. a residential building) and industrial premises (e.g. a storehouse).

The system is designed to remotely monitor the status of a site over the Internet when there is no one at civil/industrial premises as well as to provide on-line notification using the fixed-line or mobile phone (automated voice message), SMS or e-mail when the alarm condition or any other event requiring notification of the user occurs.

The hardware part of the system is a device registering the environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, smoke concentration etc.) and monitoring the status of the site (detecting opened doors, broken windows, unauthorized movement within the premises).

Depending on the configuration of the system, when the alarm condition or one of the programmable events (e.g. the temperature sensor exceeds the acceptable limits) occurs, the system informs the user of this event by using one of the programmable methods, for example, by sending SMS message to the user.

The user of the system can monitor the status of the site at any time by connecting to it over the Internet and obtaining the information about its status using the Web browser.

The system collects the data about changes of the environmental parameters and occurrence of different events. These data are used by the system to generate statistics for the specified time interval.

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