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About Company

Barex is a Ukrainian company operating successfully on the software market for more than ten years now. Its products and solutions are widely applied in the power engineering, telecommunications and public service industries.

Barex specializes in analysis, design, development, implementation and support of turnkey customized software systems as well as provides services for integrating existing information systems.

Barex implements solutions to build call centers, contact centers and IP Exchanges. The company provides technical support for the systems designed to computerize telephony services applied on the telecommunications market.

The "intelligence" of the software solutions supplied by the company allows to computerize the most sophisticated business processes, optimize time consumption and labor costs required to solve such issues as collecting statistics, generating databases, distributing automatically e-mail, ICQ and SMS messages and much more.

We do not divide the tasks into simple or complicated but prefer to apply all our technological and intelligent capabilities to solve them. Along with performing projects, we also provide a complete set of relevant documents, subsequent maintenance and upgrade on demand.

Barex - One Step Ahead Together!!

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